Vance Durrington is a teacher, author, and imaginer.

He has taught middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate students. He began his teaching career in Ballinger, TX, and had the opportunity to work with some wonderful students and teachers. Vance then went to Texas Tech University and became the Director of Learning Resources. He was at Texas Tech for 11 years and then he and his family (wife Jeanne and son Isaac and two dogs — Molly and Sniffer Licker Ruff) went to Mississippi State. They lived in Starkville, MS, for six years before moving to Wilmington, NC, (they lost Molly to the eternal dog park in the sky, but Sniffer went with them, along with her new friends — Boris, Tiger, and Ladybird). Vance and Jeanne have been living in Wilmington and working at UNCW for 12 years. Jeanne is finally ready to retire, but Vance plans to teach for a few more years. Isaac graduated from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and went to physical therapy school at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Vance and Jeanne continue to have dogs in their lives, the current pack includes Belle and Sassy, with occasional visits from Isaac’s pack leader Aubrey. Vance isn’t sure what life is like without a dog in his life and he isn’t in any hurry to find out.

Vance is concentrating on authoring a collection of children’s books . Vance is a bit of a kid, so he really enjoys thinking of new ideas for books that young children (and Vance) will enjoy.