A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Many of us have heard this common phrase. Its origin has different versions, and The Phrase Finder gives a succinct description of the history of the phrase.



“Before they read words, children are reading pictures.” 
― David Wiesner, 
Free Fall



The reason I started with this quote is that I thought this month we could discuss the power of picture books. I love picture books, which is why I like writing them. I read books to my son at bedtime, we would look at the pictures, and the pictures helped in developing his reading strategies at a young age. Picture books are a great way to introduce reading strategies to preschool children. Anna G. has written a blog with great ideas on how to teach reading strategies using picture books.



“I do so hate finishing books, I would like to go on with them for years”
― Beatrix Potter, 1905



Reading aloud/reading together can benefit children’s language skills. Speech pathologist, Rebecca Eisenberg, has written a great post on 5 Ways to Use Picture Books to Build Kids’ Language Skills.




“As adults, we’ve seen so much before that we often turn the pages of a picture book without really looking. Young children tend to look more carefully.”

― Anthony Brown



Information books are also a great source of learning. My wife often says that what she knows about history she learned from children’s books. Many fiction books provide their readers with life lessons. There are also a vast array of non-fiction children’s books that give the reader the chance to research and find answers to their questions while developing even more questions.

Jamie wrote a great post on the art of simple blog about 10 picture books that teach important life lessons.

An informative post by Kimberley Moran provides a list of 50 Nonfiction Picture Books for Learning about the World. Moran provides a brief summary on each book to help you decide if the book will fill your needs or allow your child to read about a topic of interest.

Enjoy your reading journey!



Oh, I almost forgot. My wife, Jeanne, is about to retire, so we need to thin out our collection of children’s literature. I thought it would be great to share these books with my readers, so each month (sometimes a bit more often) I will hold a contest and the winner will receive that month’s book. Here is the way it will work. Each month I will list a quote from a children’s book and you will need to enter the correct book. I will vary things each month as to which email will be the winner -- 10th email with the correct answer or the winner may be the 13th correct email, etc. So, head to the contest entry page and enter the contest for this month’s book The Secret Science Project that almost Ate the School by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Stephen Gammell.

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